How To Update BookManager Lists

This is how we update the BookManager Lists. Our monthly lists should be titled Dempsey - [month] [year] Releases and should be classified as Features (not Catalogues). Read this for more details Book Manager Lists

Related Items Specs For BookManager

BookManager has a feature that links titles as related items, which we use for linking calendars year by year. Related Items Specs The file layout is as follows: ISBN Related_isbn Relation_code

Create Catalogs and Lists on BookManager

BookManager has instructions and background on how to create Lists. Creating Catalogues and Lists We need to update the lists each month as they age-out quickly.  They are not, in fact, "lists" but emails sent to Customers.  We do not edit the lists as the Customers do not see the...

BookManager EDI Instructions

Sometimes Customers will not know how to set up their Book Manager system for EDI with us.  The BookManager EDI Instructions from Book Manager will show you how to lead them through what is needed. The three images are below (click to enlarge):