Picking Up Phone Messages

Picking Up Messages From any phone: • Message button • Voice Mail • Main mailbox is 0 (zero) • Password = 1111# Otherwise, try hitting Messages button: If there are messages on a specific mailbox, there is a black diamond beside the extension.

Indigo Position File (Stock)

Every day we upload a Position File to Indigo. In DempseyCommerce, select Indigo File. This opens a form that shows the titles we sell to Indigo Click Position - this will create the file in C:\tdsfiles Open FileZilla FTP and open aa_Indigo Upload the file to Indigo (right-click >...

Cannot Open DempseyCommerce

If DempseyCommerce does not open properly it is likely because it cannot connect to Progress/OpenEdge (HiPoint) or to SQL Server (web database): Close down DempseyCommerce . Check to see if HiPoint will open.  If not, restart HiPoint on the Server.  Then try DempseyCommerce again. Check to see if you have...

Scanning A Cover

This is how to scan an image and resize it On the Data machine, open Adobe Photoshop, selecting Photo Editor (right hand side of opening splash screen). Place book in scanner, with corner to the top right of the glass. Select File > Import > WIA Support Browse to G:\Drop Box\Orders Click Start and say OK to...

EDI Documents

Key Documents 850POPurchase Order In or Out 855POAPurchase Order Acknowledgement - what do we expect to ship 856ASN - not used by DYDAdvance Shipping Notice - what are we shipping 810Invoice In or Out 997Functional Acknowledgement In or Out

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