EDI Errors

From time to time there will be an Error in the Upload Log.

Error 304

The log will have an entry like this:

Service Ref#       APRF           SNRF           Sender/Receiver
EAP error: 0304                   000037098     S117262X/
226 Transfer complete.
ftp: 252 bytes sent in Seconds Kbytes/sec.
0.083.23200 Port command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for transfer

This is usually because there is no Recipient SAN in the file, as shown by the line:
EAP error: 0304 000037098 S117262X/

When you open the file (in this example 37098) you will see the place for the missing data:
ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*S117262X       *<missing SAN>

This file document was a 997 so is unimportant. However, if the file was a key document it needs to be followed up further. Speak to Penny about doing this - too complicated to explain!

Key Documents

850 PO Purchase Order In or Out
855 POA Purchase Order Acknowledgement - what do we expect to ship
856 ASN - not used by DYD Advance Shipping Notice - what are we shipping
810 Invoice In or Out
997 Functional Acknowledgement In or Out

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