Customer Returns in HiPoint

Modified by VS, April 29, 2013

Create Return

  • ORD module
  • ADD
  • Customer: Enter customer number (watch for –A suffixes)
  • Order type: Toggle to Order Return
  • P/O: Enter customer's claim number
  • Enter
  1. Add Item
  2. Enter quantity actually returned to DYD (positive number, see below for shortship returns) and ISBN as per documentation.
  3. Select invoice number from drop down box.
  4. Verify pricing.   If price on item is lower than current retail, sticker item.
If item is damaged/defective If item is to be rejected
If we are giving credit for it: In top right hand of screen, toggle damaged “no” to “yes”. (Gives credit but does not put item back into stock).

  1. Damaged: Enter DMG in “reason” box. Enter “Damaged” in comment line. Put books on Hurt shelf.
  2. Defective: Enter DF in “reason” box. Enter “Defective” in comment line. You will need to file a defective claim with vendor(s).
If we are not giving credit, or if the product is to be returned:

  1. Enter quantity, ISBN, and select invoice #.
  2. Click on “Reject” at bottom of screen. All fields will open up.
  3. Hit enter to accept ISBN and title, this will take you to the “reason” field, enter appropriate code. DMG, PRD, SS etc.
  4. If this is not our publication enter title and ISBN, hit enter, type NOP in reason field.

If return was short-shipped:

  1. First - process the credit for quantity actually received, if any.
  2. Then - on a separate line, enter quantity that was short-shipped, then reject item.
  3. Returns cart “2”.
  4. Book the entry, double check totals if provided, adjust if necessary.
  5. Create the Credit – Click on the Invoice button at bottom of screen. For mailing or faxing, print out on paper. If e-mailing, print to PDF.
  6. Send customer copy of credit.
  7. Write HiPoint order number on top of customer’s paperwork.
  8. File in cabinet. Third shelf - far left, by month.

Rejected Items Entry/Paperwork

  1. Reports > Orders > Return to Customer Listing. Print out on clean paper.
  2. Attach to item(s) being returned.
  3. File in box at back of warehouse. This will be released on the customer’s next order, and will be returned with that order.
  4. You may want to charge freight on the return, depending on quantity/weight of returned items.

Create the order to return item(s):

  1. ORD > Add new > Use customer claim # as PO#
  2. Add Item: Quantity 1, Item “RETURN”
  3. Set selective to NO
  4. Book the Order.

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