HiPoint Blurb Dump

Using HiPoint Results to Export Data

Blurbs, clean titles and subtitles are stored in the Biblio table in HiPoint, which we can only access through the custom query writer called RESULTS.  We have one licence, which is now installed on the Data machine.

  • HiPoint > Reports > Results
  • SYSPROGRESS > sys.progress
  • Open query > Biblio Export ACTIVES
  • Query> Print > Print to file > locate G:\DATA DEPARTMENT\HiPointDataDrop and name BlurbExport_yymmdd.txt.

Process the blurbs, etc. for use when processing publisher data:

  • In Dempsey Tools, click HiPoint Blurbs
  • Click Data Drop and copy and paste the file
  • Click Clear Old Data then Import New data

Processing HiPoint blurb dump

You now have the latest blurbs, titles and subtitles and can now start processing files from Hay House, Llewellyn, Sounds True, etc., as well as run the Banyen semi-monthly reports.


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