Scanning A Cover

This is how to scan an image and resize it

  • On the Data machine, open Adobe Photoshop, selecting Photo Editor (right hand side of opening splash screen).
  • Place book in scanner, with corner to the top right of the glass.
  • Select File > Import > WIA Support
  • Browse to G:\Drop Box\Orders
WIA Support

WIA Support

  • Click Start and say OK to Epson Perfection 3170
  • Always select Color Picture (should default to this)
  • Click Scan … and wait for it to warm up and scan. You will be taken back to the main Photoshop screen with a file named image.bmp.
  • Select the Crop tool: left hand side, dotted square under the word SELECT; draw a box around the book cover; select Image > Crop.
  • Select Image > Resize > Image Size. Change the Height to 1000 px.
  • File Save As ISBN-13, JPG format. It will save into a folder with today’s date.

This can now be emailed to the Customer.

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