Scanning Customer Shipments SHP

This post will be updated as we learn more and start using new features, especially for Indigo shipments.


To reduce shipping errors, Items should be scanned when packed.  There are several features available:

  • Scanning for correct items in their correct quantities
  • Scanning what goes into each box (Indigo)

The Benefits

    • Every item will be scanned and a variance from the Packing Slip will be identified on-screen. Therefore, Items do not need to be "ordered" on the packing table after they are picked. [We need to test whether this is true, based on our experience.]
    • When Accounting goes to Invoice the Customer they will be told if everything has been scanned.
    • You can scan items as you pack them and they fit into a box
    • HiPoint will tell you if an unwanted Item is being scanned (perhaps the wrong edition was picked) or the wrong quantity was picked.

HiPoint - SHP

  • Call up SHP, select Get then scan the barcode at the top of the Packing Slip or enter it manually
  • If +1, select Adjustments, double-click the 2nd slip
  • If NO DOUBLES, open the Packing Slip in HiPoint and remove the doubles. Highlight them in orange so that they can be removed the from Order, when being Invoiced, but they will not be expected by the scanner.
    • If you missed DOUBLES on the Packing Slip and have already scanned product against the offending lines, use /q to remove the quantities scanned by entering -ve numbers
    • HiPoint scans items against the oldest Order first, so they all need to be removed and you will scan them again after correcting the Packing Slip by removing the Order Line
    • Rescan the correct number of items and shelve the remaining product
  • Click Pack Cartons to go to Scanning screen.
  • Scan each item
  • DO NOT PACK UNTIL ALL SCANNED - you may need to check something and this saves unpacking
  • If obvious multiples use /q to access the Quantity field
  • Listen for the BEEP which identifies a problem. You need to Accept the exception to move on.
  • If you get confused about what you have scanned, or need to start again with an item, you can use /q to remove what has been scanned so you can start the item again
  • When you have scanned everything you have picked, check bottom of the screen: Expected Units vs Scanned Units. If there is a difference use /vd (Variance Display) to see what is still missing.

Issues - Mostly Problems

Hay House - The barcode on the BACK of the box is correct. The barcode on the BOTTOM is wrong. You need to be careful and perhaps hide the bottom with your finger.

US Games - Most items are stickered by DYD. Some have their own barcode, which has been recorded as the UPC in HiPoint. You may have to manually enter the ISBN off the Packing Slip

Blue Angel - These may be a problem.

Llewellyn - Some decks/sets have both a US and a European barcode. Llewellyn has started taping over the European one but you may need to try each of them to get the item into HiPoint.

Sounds True - They have several barcodes which scan the same so you may end up scanning as multiple quantities by mistake.

Woodstock - Crystal Guardian Angels don't scan properly.

White Swan - Almost 50% of CDs don't scan properly.

Sage - Easy to make mistakes on which product should be picked, and they are not all barcoded - be careful!

Blue Moon - Scanner only catches part of the barcode so often have to enter manually.

Nag Champa and Super Hit - The barcode on the outside of the container box represents the item inside, so can scan once and use /q to enter the quantity.

  • HiPoint - SHP
  • Get Pack Slip
  • Select Pack Cartons (bottom left)
  • Start scanning

The Scansheet has a number of barcodes which instruct HiPoint. Key barcodes:

  • Packing Slip (start/end)
  • Remove quantity on next scan (to remove an Item from a box)
  • Change quantity on next scan (generally to be used for case quantities to Indigo)
  • New Carton
  • Get Carton
  • Toggle Auto New Carton

The Details

We have two comprehensive Help articles from HiPoint on Scanning in SHP and Packing Boxes With The Scanner. These should be read and understood before proceeding. Questions to the Data Manager if in doubt!

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