Restore HiPoint Backup

Restoration is not done lightly for HiPoint.  Consideration must be given to, among other things:

  • Orders downloaded or input since last backup (EDI, web, email, phone)
  • Receivings done
  • New Customers added
  • New Items added

How will these be identified and recreated?

Restore Sources

If HiPoint has to be restored there are three places you can go to get the last backup.  Bob Houghton should be called before doing anything.

  1. First, and easiest, is the folder on the File Server-dc called E:\tds-backup.  This is where the files are copied to every night at 11:00 pm.
  2. Secondly, there should be a backup on the local Passport drive.  Jason's help will be needed to extract the files.
  3. Thirdly, there should be a backup on iDrive.  Penny or Jason should be called to assist with this.

The key files that need to be copied, in the case of a simple restore (not a calamity) are:

  • tds.b1
  • tds.d1
  • tds.db
  • tds.lg


Bob (or another highly responsible IT person) will backup the existing HiPoint files to a special folder, then copy the above key files into the current folder.

Calamitous Restore

In the case of a calamitous event, more thought will have to go into this.  Contact Bob, Penny and/or Jason.

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