PubStock File Upload

At the end of each day, and sometimes through the day if stock levels have changed a lot (goods received), we upload a file to PubStock on BookManager.

From HiPoint select menu item File > Export > Customer Information.

Export Customer Information

  • In the PubStock box make sure it says MAIN.
  • Select GO. It takes a couple of minutes to run as it is looping through all our items to see if they are available, on order, NYP or ACT. The file is stored at:

C:\tdsfiles\pubstock.txt on your local workstation.

The orders’ workstation has the FTP software on it (FileZilla). Connect to aa_BookManager and make sure you select the PubStock file to upload to them (there will be lots of files in your C:\tdsfiles folder).

For information if a new FTP client has to be set up - see FTP Credentials.

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