PubNet Error Codes

The document is sourced from PubNet.

This document identifies the system messages provided by the Standard FTP software.

The status line for a put command is 140 characters in length and formatted, as follows:

literal character position

sender= 1
receiver= 44
aprf= 89
snrf= 109
status= 129

A status of '0000' indicates the transaction was sent with no observed errors; any non-zero status code relates to the EAP error codes, except the digit 3 is dropped. For example, a status of 0001 indicates EAP error code 301; a status of 0004 indicates EAP error code 304. If the status of a transaction is non-zero, a second information line will appear for that transaction.

The status line for a mblist command is 87 characters in length and formatted, as follows:

Data Content character position

Sender 1
Recv’d Status 38 (Y or N)
Service Ref. 70

A sample session is provided next, and the EAP error codes are provided at the end of the document.

Sample FTP Session

ftp> Connected to

open 10245

220 Enterprise FTP server (Version 6.1 1998 February) ready.

ftp> user 2229999 PASSWORD

331 User name okay, need password.

230-User logged in, proceed.

Current Default Relationship - Recv: 2229999 APRF: *BINARY

Get option: single


ftp> put pubload.txt

200 Command Okay.

150 Opening data connection for transfer.

226-Closing data connection - action successful.

sender=2229999         ,receiver=1009999                 ,aprf=855BK3060     ,snrf=000000021     ,status=0001


sender=2229999                 ,receiver=1009999         ,aprf=855BK3060     ,snrf=000000022     ,status=0012


sender=2229999                 ,receiver=1009999         ,aprf=855BK3060     ,snrf=000000023     ,status=0001



3378 bytes sent in 0.00 seconds (3378000.00 Kbytes/sec)

ftp> ls mblist

200 Command Okay.

150 Opening data connection for transfer.


Sender ID                         St APRF               SNRF               Service Ref.


2229999                             N 855BK3060     000000044     003188796139902582

2229999                             N 855BK3060     000000011     003188896122904624

2229999                             N 855BK3060     000000021     003189334225000303

2229999                             N 855BK3060     000000023     003189334225487807

226-Closing data connection - action successful.

List command OK, SNRF: 01012509315202


612 bytes received in 0.33 seconds (1.85 Kbytes/sec)

ftp> quit

221 Service closing control connection.

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