Payroll Generation

Update Excel File

Before generating the Payroll at you will have updated the Excel file, including banked, sick and vacation time. There may be separate instructions on how to do this, one day. Currently Vicki and Penny know how to do this.

Payroll Entry

  • Log in to and enter the Company Code B03827, your User name and Password.
  • From menu select Payroll > Employee Payroll Entries > Pay Grid View. Load Employees. Enter hours in the grid.
  • Check totals. [Note: No Save button for this screen.]
  • From menu select Payroll > Generate Payroll > Current Payrun Details. Click Continue.
  • Confirm total hours. Click Continue.
  • Click Payroll Preview and wait for the processing to finish.
  • Click Run Violations.
  • Click Run Reports and review as necessary.
  • Scroll down the page to Final Payroll Run.
  • Click Send & Receive.
  • Print all reports (except Garnishee) to PDF in J:\Accounting_Vicki\PAYROLL\2014 Payworks Reports\

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