HiPoint New Item-Mkt

item-mkt = publisher (not vendor)

1 Add Record in HiPoint

Only the Data Department and Barbara can add new item-mkt records into HiPoint.

  • HiPoint > Tables > Items > Market codes
  • Search for name first, to be sure we do not duplicate a publisher
  • Add new
  • Item Market = 8-ch code
  • Description = name of publisher, for use on our website, so keep it short
  • G/L Accounts
    • Inventory account 1700
    • Sales account 6000
    • Returns account 6100
    • Cost of Sales account 7100

2 Add Record in DataTools

  • DataTools > F11 > Tables > tblMarketCodes
  • Add a new record at the bottom

This allows us to run queries and reports out of DataTools.

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