EDI Processing

Downloading EDI Documents

EDI Orders are sent by Customers to Dempsey electronically.  In HiPoint they show as being created by 'X12'.

EDI Orders cannot be modified once they are in HiPoint.

  • HiPoint > EDI Control Centre
  • Click Pubnet: Download Documents. Documents will appear in the Inbox
  • Each type of document has a specific naming convention:
    • Purchase Orders (850) from Customers will have a name like X12850-PO-35194.txt.
    • Purchase Order Acknowledgements (855) from Vendors will have a name like X12855-POA-35194.txt.
    • A document with a 955 in it is a technical response, important only to the EDI processing system.
  • Double-click each document in turn.


Keep the window open.

Look up the ISBN in BookManager and see if we will take it on.

If we will list the title, enter it as a new Item in IM.

Accept the item in EDI.

Once all documents have been double-clicked, close the EDI Control Centre, open ORD and Book the EDI Orders.

Uploading Order Acknowledgements

Once all EDI Orders have been booked we need to send Acknowledgements to the Customers.

  • HiPoint > EDI Control Centre
  • Click Extract: Order Acknowledgements > OK > Extract Acknowledgements
  • Once that is finished,  you should be back at the EDI Control Centre.
  • Click Pubnet: Upload Documents

Uploading Invoices

At the end of the day EDI Invoices must be uploaded to Customers.

  • HiPoint > EDI Control Centre
  • Click Extract: Invoices > OK > Extract Acknowledgements
  • Extract Invoices
  • Once that is finished, you should be back at the EDI Control Centre with documents showing in the Outbox.
  • Click Pubnet: Upload Documents

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