DempseyCommerce Item Not Showing

From time to time an item may not show up on the web site when searched.  If there has been a full web update through DempseyCommerce since the item was entered into HiPoint do the following steps.

Step 1

  • In HiPoint, confirm that there is a Price, Clean Title and valid bisac-subj.

Step 2

  • Go to our site and look under the subject area to confirm that the title shows online.
    • No - it does not show? Go to Step 3
    • Yes - it shows? Go to Step 4

Step 3

  • In DempseyCommerce, call up the Product to confirm that the online database knows about it. If not, wait one more web update cycle, then check again.  Escalate to Penny if it is still missing (something failing in the update).
  • Confirm that the Product IsHidden is False (0).
    • Yes - it is hidden? Check the Product Categories to see if this bisac-subj is hidden on the web or does not have a valid Product Type associated with it.  Fix the problem - you may need to talk to Penny first.
    • No - it is not hidden? Escalate this to Penny - if HiPoint is properly populated and there is no other reason to Hide the item, something else is going on.

 Step 4

  •  We need to contact HostMySite - Penny will do this.  It sounds like they are not indexing the SQL database each night.  Indexing causes the Search to scan against an updated listing of tblProducts.Searchfield.

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