Daily Pick Slip Review

Modified VS March 15, 2013

Excel files are stored on the J: drive in the DAILY REPORTS folder.

Freight summary - Used to balance shipping costs

Create two spreadsheets each month, the first covers to the fifteenth, the second covers to month-end. Create a tab for each work day.

To create: Open the “Sales and freight Template” spreadsheet, and “Save As” with the appropriate date range.

Open appropriate spreadsheet based on date.

HiPoint > Reports > Sales > Freight by customer

  1. Insert date, change destination to “file open”, GO, Done. Open csv file created if it does not come up.
  2. Change font colour of columns I through L to blue, and clear the contents. Delete “weight” column. Format columns E to L as comma style. Centre columns B and D, justify left for column A.
  3. Cut and paste data (ignoring header)” into the open worksheet tab, between the two highlighted lines. Data, Sort, by “column C”. Delete two highlighted lines.
  4. Underneath individual column totals by courier, enter “subtotal before taxes” amounts from manifests (for balancing purposes).
  5. Enter customers’ actual shipping costs in appropriate courier columns from pick slips.
    • Use “notes” column to note any shipments that were picked up, not sent, or other.
    • Copy in from applicable day any shipments that were sent that have been held.
    • Clear any notes that need to be deleted through ORD module. (Usually done at time of invoicing.)
    • Investigate any yellow lined items, adjust as necessary.
  6. Print worksheet, file with pick slips under packing table.

Freight manifests

Open spreadsheet: unbilled manifests.xls

  • Canpar: enter “TOTAL” in the Canpar column. Verify Manifest number is correct.
  • Canada Post: enter manifest #, and “Sub-total Before Taxes” in the Post column
  • ATS: enter “Total” in the ATS column. Verify Manifest number is correct.
  • Novex: copy in detail per sales summary (follow existing formats).

Accounting: These amounts will be reconciled against actual bills when received.

COD Record

Open spreadsheet: COD Record F2014.xls

Copy any COD shipment info from the freight summary spreadsheet, follow existing format.

Go into AR module to verify the amount to collect - if the customer has credits on account the amount collected will be net of the invoice value. Overwrite with correct amount if this is the case.

Track these to ensure all payments are received.

Verify all COD shipments were sent out COD.

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