Daily General Ledger Posting

Modified by VS, March 20, 2013


“Auto Journal” posts sales/receivables and inventory transactions, and also updates the customer accounts receivable sub-ledger. Accounts Receivable adjustments and payments - these can be back dated, and will be posted with the auto journal. You will need to extract and post an auto journal for all back dated entries.

Accounts Payable entries and Journal Entries allow you to enter the applicable posting date – these are NOT posted through the auto journal.


  • HiPoint > GL Module
  • Top right of screen
  • Select “Auto Journal”

Note: dates to be posted will show – HiPoint will only extract one day at a time, in date order of existing detail. You will need to extract a journal for each and every day that has detail.

Click on “GO”. HiPoint will extract the journal – when done, the message at the bottom will change to “G/L Journal Complete”.

Click “Done” - this will take you back to the main screen, and the extracted journal will appear in the top right hand box of the screen.

  • Double click to select,
  • Click Post in the bottom right hand corner,
  • Accept the pop up note (Yes).
  • Click OK when “Journal Posted” appears,
  • Click “Done”.

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