Daily Backup

Last modified: 23-Apr-2015 PBMH

When not in use, the disks should be taken off-site.

Automatic Backups

There are three backup disks (My Passport) which rotate for server backups. The backups cover everything on the server: Exchange, File server, OS, etc.

At 11:00 pm PST the HiPoint database backup runs.  Everyone needs to be out of HiPoint then.  This shuts down the HiPoint server, copies the live data files to E:\tds-backup and restarts the HiPoint server.  It runs on the server-dc File Server.  This routine is called by the Task Scheduler on the File Server, which calls H:\db\tds-backup.bat.

At 11:30 pm PST the Windows Server 2012 Backup routines run, backing up everything to the My Passport disk.  In May 2014 this was taking just about 2 hours.

At 3:00 am PST the off-site backup to iDrive runs.  A report is sent to Penny but it is not always a complete report.

In the morning the backup reports should be checked and the disk switched. They should go in numeric rotation.

Switching Disks

  • On the server monitor (you may need the main server password) find the small icon at the bottom of the screen which allows you to Eject the My Passport drive.
  • Eject My Passport - wait about a minute (maybe longer) for it to say you can Safely Eject.
  • Remove the drive and attach the new drive.  You will not be able to see it in Explorer.

File Server-dc.RDP

On main Server or on Accounting desktop:  double-click icon “File Server-dc.RDP”.  Sign in.

  • Bottom right hand corner, double-click “tds-backup” folder
  • Look for a large “tds.d1” file.  Check backup date was last night at 11pm.
  • Let Penny know if it did not run the previous night.
  • Close Window.

Reviewing the iDrive Offsite Backup

  • Stay in the File Server-dc.
  • In the lower right system tray there is a yellow icon for iDrive (looks like a safe).  Right-click and select Activity Log.
  • Double-click the last log (which should be from 3:00 am of current day) and ensure that the tdsfiles have been included in the backup and scan that ALL files have backed up:  eg:  79 of 79 files backed up.
  • Close iDrive
  • Disconnect from the File Server-dc.

Hyper-V Server

You can get to this, either:

  • On the main Server - the monitor opens to the Hyper-V Server
  • On the Accounting desktop:  double-click icon “Hyper-V Server.RDP”, then sign in using main server password
  • Double click “Windows Server Backup” icon
  • Under Local Back up – check date and time listed is last night at 11pm, and “backup successful” shows.
  • Let Penny know if this says failed, or if the backup has not run.   (note: occasionally “Local Backup” will not load.  If no info, close window and try again.)

Close Window

Email Penny saying that the Backups Worked, or explaining what has not worked as expected.


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