Credit Card Daily Balancing

Updated by VS, Mar 20/13

HiPoint > Reports > Accounts Receivable > A/R Cheque Register

Transaction date: fill in yesterday’s date

Bank: Select BMO-CHQ

Destination: Select Print (use plain paper if you want to print the Chase report on the back)

Sign in to Internet Credit Card Processing

  • “Review” tab in top centre
  • Click “Search”, unless today is Monday. Reports are processed the day after – on Monday, you will need to change the date shown to two days earlier (Saturday)
  • Select batch shown by clicking the small dot to the far left.
  • Click “batch details”
  • Print out detail (Ctrl + P)
  • Verify balances match.

Pull any slips in the blue file folder “Credit Card Slips – Processed”, staple to report.

File in “Bank of Montreal deposit summaries” current month folder.

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