Canada Post

Canada Post is generally the third choice for shipping, after ATS and Canpar.


Login and password are attached to the Shipping monitor, or see SHIPPING DEPARTMENT CONTACT INFO.docx in Help > Shipping on the H:\ drive.

  • Login: ID/password
  • Ensure the drop-down menu to the right of the Search field is set to "Client ID" to search by Customer #.  You can search by business name by selecting "Compnay" in the drop-down menu.
  • Enter Customer account in Search field
  • Each parcel must be entered and processed individually, there is no discount for multiple parcels
  • Enter weight, top right (KILOS)
  • Review levels of service and anticipated delivery dates, generally picking Expedited
  • Click Pricing button and note the Total before Tax on the Packing Slip
  • Click the Print Process button to create mailing document from regular printer
  • Separate the bill from the shipping label.  The bill goes to Accounting; the label goes on the box.

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  • The Shipping interface is treated as a window, so Close it (near top right)
  • Select Shipments List (refer to weight to select correct shipment)
  • Right-click and selected 'Delete selected printed and processed'
  • To return to shipping window, select New (top left)


  • Select History in left navigation bar
  • Select Advanced Search
  • Enter ship date range
  • Results do not display store name but you can find it by weight off Packing Slip
  • Highlight or double-click correct record to open browser showing tracking information
  • To track, highlight the shipment and click the Track button at the top.  Double-clicking the Shipment shows full details but does not track.

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COD Deliveries

  • Click the COD box on the right, which will enable the space for the amount
  • Accounting will provide the final amount to enter, but initially just put in anything as the extra COD charge is always the same ($7.25 at this time)
  • Write the shipping charge before tax on the Packing Slip
  • When the final amount is provided, enter it and print the labels (2 pages)

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Updating Addresses

Addresses need to be updated every week. If an Address change has been notified to Dempsey, Customer Service is supposed to mark it on the Header of the next Order that will ship to the Customer. If this is not done, the Warehouse will not know to ship to the new location.

Prepare the file for Canada Post from HiPoint

  • In HiPoint select CM and go to Barbara's account 6698359
  • Change the second line of the address to today's date, in the format 13-Jun-2014
  • Right-click in CM and run to File, called customers.csv - the name is important!
  • On the Data machine, open CreateCanadaPostAddressBook.accdb - only the Data machine!
  • Select Import HiPoint Data, then Create File. This places a file with today's date on the G:\ drive for retrieval form the Canada Post application.

Open the Canada Post On the left hand side of the screen, select Address Book. This displays the latest imported Address Book.

  • Right-click > Delete Entire Address Book
  • File > Import > Addresses
  • Navigate to the file you created earlier, named something like CanadaPost_150616.csv
  • Select to use "Address groups within file"
  • Import the addresses
  • On completion, go to Barbara's account 6698359 and check that the address shows today' date. If it does not, something went wrong with the import.

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