Banking and Deposit Recording

Cheques are deposited to the Savings account. Credit cards are deposited to the Chequing account.

Pull out any cheques in plastic holder dated for today, plus any cheques received in today’s mail.

  • AR module – Get customer number.
  • Click “Reference”, navigate using tab key:
  • Enter cheque number
  • Enter amount of cheque
  • Select BMO-SVG (Savings) in bank window
  • Hit enter to close these fields.

Double click amount(s) from left of screen (they will transfer to right side), and click “Post” when selections balance to zero. If payments don’t balance you will need to create a debit note.

If partial payment: click “on” the check mark in “Partial payment”, double-click the line item, and enter payment amount. (Remember to click this “off” when done.)

File in “Recorded – to be deposited” envelope in top left hand drawer.

TEL-PAY & Central One

These are direct deposits from customers.

  • Record as per fax or e-mail notification, to BMO-SVG savings account.
  • Move e-mail into applicable e-mail folder.


Create the HiPoint listing and reconcile against the actual cheques:

  • HiPoint > Reports > Accounts Receivable > A/R Cheque Register
  • Transaction date range: FROM day after last deposit TO today’s date.
  • Bank: BMO-SVG
  • Print a copy for reference.
  • Verify all cheques are stamped with “Deposit Only” stamp.
  • Run an adding machine tape of the cheques in the envelope – verify that you balance.

If you don’t balance, check printed report for any Direct Deposits. Note these amounts.

Write up the deposit slip:

  • Remove 2 pages from deposit book. Fill in date, and account name/number on both right & left side of slip.
  • Fill in “list attached” in cheque particulars box, and fill in totals on bottom of deposit slip.
  • Attach bottom copy of deposit slip to printed report, file in file folder: “Bank of Montreal Deposit Summaries”.
  • Insert top copy, cheques, and adding machine tape into a deposit envelope. Give to Barbara or Penny.


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