Available Backorders Listing

This is a report showing a summary of all stores with available backorders, in order of value. It is used to call Customers prior to sending backorders. they may want to delete or add items.

You need to run this from a Data Department machine as it requires processing through an Access program.

If a machine is not up and running you can log onto one using your own logon.

  • Open HiPoint.
  • In HiPoint, open Reports > Orders > Available Order Listing By Sales Rep.
  • Run to file, and name the file AOL_yymmdd.csv.
  • Navigate to C:\Tools\HiPoint Reporting\HiPoint_Reporting.accdb and double-click the file.
  • Select ‘Available Orders ALL …’.
  • Enter the name of the file you just created.
  • Decide whether you want to include Indigo or not (usually exclude) and whether you want to only print those customers with more than $400 available (usually just print them all).
  • Select ‘Print’ to preview the report.
  • File > Print to print it.
  • Close the application.
  • Close HiPoint.

Log off the machine if it is not otherwise in use by the Data Dept.

Call The Customers

Make notes on the last Order from the Customer if they do not want their backorders sent right now. This will show when we called them about the backorders and what they said.

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