Accounts Payable – Payment Record

Updated by VS May 1, 2013



  • Reports > Accounts Payable > A/P Vouchers
  • Selections: toggle radio button to “Vendors”
  • Convert to domestic currency: No
  • Sort: By vendor by invoice date by invoice
  • Destination: Print
  • GO

This will print out ALL invoices that are outstanding. I usually pay invoices coming due within the next two weeks – give or take. Decide upon a date range.


On the printout use different colour highlights for Canadian funds, US funds, and VISA payables. Review “Due” column.

  • Highlight payables that fall within the date range: vendor name, date due, and amount(s) due (balance column).
  • Scan vendor for any credits that can be taken, highlight these as well.

Give to Barb to approve.


See “Printing Cheques” instructions – select payments due that Barb has approved.

Run each bank separately:

  1. Canadian
  2. US funds
  3. Visa payables – see below

Print cheques.


  • After cheques have been printed, re-run the report to file open.
  • Delete all columns except invoice #, vendor name, terms and val-bal.
  • Delete all non-visa vendor lines. Delete invoices not due. Create total by vendor.
  • Create payment sheets for these vendors from word folders.

See Accounts Payable – Visa payments.



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