Woodstock Reporting

On a quarterly basis we report sales and customer information to Woodstock Chimes.

Quarters are:

  • 01-Jan to 31-Mar
  • 01-Apr to 30-Jun
  • 01-Jul to 30-Sep
  • 01-Oct to 31-Dec

Woodstock report

    • In HiPoint click on the TRN tab and run the Transaction Inquiry for vendor = WOODSTOC with dates for the previous quarter
    • Save to Woodstock_yymmdd.txt
    • Find file in C:TDSFiles. Copy new file to G:\DATA DEPARTMENT\Woodstock Reports.
    • Open G:\DATA DEPARTMENT\Woodstock Reports\Woodstock_Reporting.mdb
    • Run qry_1_DELETE_WoodstockSales
    • Import the new file to tblWoodstockSales. External Data > Click on the Text File icon > Import text file > Click Browse and find the Woodstock_yymmdd.txt file you just created and Append to tblWoodstockSales.


  • Export qryWoodstockSales_rpt to Excel file at G:\DATA DEPARTMENT\Woodstock Reports\yymmdd_WoodstockSales_rpt.xls.
  • Format file for headings, column widths as in previous files we sent
  • Put period dates in last two column headings (see earlier file) (Alt + Enter = line break in a cell)
  • Copy Notes tab with legend text box from earlier file to current file

Email to Betsy Harrington, betsy@chimes.com.

Subject = Dempsey Sales Reporting x to y
Hello Betsy

Here are the sales to our customers for the period x to y. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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