Llewellyn Updates – ONIX data and images

Llewellyn sends Data email notices when data files, text files and images are uploaded.

Before processing data and text files, do a HiPoint Blurb Dump.


Open in Excel:

  1. Open ONIX file in Excel, using default settings
  2. Save as ONIX_yymmdd.xls BASED ON Llewellyn file name
  3. Change format for two ISBN columns (Record Reference and IDValue) to "NUMBER" with 0 decimal places
  4. Replace all comma , characters with slash characters /
  5. Save again as *.xls
  6. Save as *.CSV
  7. Close.

In Access Data Tools:

Process the data using the Llewellyn routines

To get file ready for import:

Ensure date-pub is in: MM/DD/YY

HST-P for non-books

Add Deck and (CD) in clean titles

Add Cloth in dirty and clean titles

Change ( ) to [ ] in bisac-subj-sec[1] heading

Leave one space before * in dirty titles

Add bisac-subj (Dempsey categories)

Check author format: Last name, First name



**Penny will dump a blurb text file into HiPointDataDrop.** To process, open Data Tools/

Click Llewellyn/Work with Blurbs and work through the buttons to import.

Ask Penny to run a new file of missing Llewellyn blurbs.



Download image files from our FTP site to G:\PUBLISHER DATA\LLEWELLYN

Check new images against what we have on our website.

Process images using Photoshop Element. Batch process whenever possible. Make sure you add a border around white covers.

Upload any new images through the FTP site using FileZilla.

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