How to Process Multiple Images in Photoshop

Photoshop Elements allows you to easily resize a large bunch of images at once. This is handy when resizing raw image files to 350 pixels for the title webpage or 150 pixels for thumbnails.

It's important you start with the raw images in the Image Raw folder in G:\PUBLISHER DATA\AA IMAGE MANAGEMENT\Current Images\Image Raw

  1. Open Photoshop Elements
  2. Click File > Process Multiple Files
  3. The Source files should always be in the same place - the Image Raw folder
  4. The first destination folder will be G:\PUBLISHER DATA\AA IMAGE MANAGEMENT\Current Images\Image 350.
  5. Ensure the height is properly set to 350 px high
  6. Click OK and Photoshop Elements will start batch resizing the images and placing them in the correct folder.
  7. Browse to the other file size folder (e.g., if you have already done the 350 pixels, browse to the G:\PUBLISHER DATA\AA IMAGE MANAGEMENT\Current Images\Image 150\ folder
  8. Under Image Size change the height to 150 pixels. Click OK.
  9. You fill find the new jpgs in their respective folders

You are now ready to upload them to the server via the FTP site using FileZilla. Once uploaded, make sure you hook up the images either one at a time through Dempsey Commerce/Manage Products or through the Dempsey Commerce/Hook Up Images button.

Double check that the images have come in by looking for them on the website and refreshing the page. If there are a lot of new images (more than 5) it is worthwhile creating a Review List to check them. See instructions after clicking List Pop'n in DempseyCommerce.

Once you're satisfied the images have been imported, you can delete the images from the 150, 350 and Image Raw folders.

WATCH OUT for titles that we have listed under the ISBN-10 but we have the image listed as the ISBN-13. You must rename the image to the ISBN-10.

If the title has not yet been uploaded to the website, place the images to the Images to Hook Up folder and hook up the images the next day.

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