Front Lists for Future Months – What’s New

This creates the What's New or Coming Soon pages accessed on the homepage left sidebar under New Releases or the buttons on the bottom of the homepage.

From DempseyCommerce, make sure a List exists for the months you want to work with.

If you've just finished updating pub dates, for example, from a Hay House data file or Llewellyn ONIX file, run ItemMaster.txt again in HiPoint and link up so that you bring in the latest pub months.

  • In Data Tools, go through What's New button
  • In the pop-up box, put in the mmyy
  • Copy the list to Specific List. Make sure it's the first tab. Save.

From DempseyCommerce:

  • Click List Pop'n
  • Enter name of webpage - should start What's New or Coming Soon + MONTH YEAR > Load Items
  • Wait for the pop-up box telling you the items have been loaded to the list

Now review the titles on the web page. We need images and blurbs for all of them.

For months further in the future, you will have to create the webpage first before you can load. Note the list number for future reference.

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