Creating Listening Station and Spinner Web Pages's web pages forĀ  listening stations and spinners must be updated quarterly (approximately).

First check their sales website if you can find new listening stations and spinners.

To do this, ask Michelle Caggiano <> [or new employee Lindsey Harris] at Sounds True if there are any new listening stations.

She will usually send you the latest list as well as a master listening station mix order form.

From the master order form, check which mixes are new and which mixes have been discontinued. Each mix contains an MP3 chip, faceplate, and 6 CDs or CD sets of 14 titles (84 titles total).

The data assistant and Penny work together to post the new mix on the website.

1. Penny will add new mixes and delete discontinued ones from the Listening Stations page tab and add new Details links. On the sidebar add/delete mixes.

2. Create a list with images of individual titles, e.g., for Natural Living Mix #111M. Check that all titles have a blurb and image (Penny)

3. Create a HiPoint item for the new listening station mixes, following previous formats, e.g., LS0111MKIT, including blurb with link to listing with images (Step 2) and price (Step 5) (Data)

4. For the new HiPoint item, create an image with all the covers included in the listening mix and upload the image (Penny)

5. Check the pricing for each new listening mix: In DempseyCommerce, click Manage Lists. Search for the list at top and click on Raw List button on bottom. Copy the list into Excel then calculate the price of the mix by multiplying each item x 6 then adding up the extension. Check that the price is close to the Sounds True listed U.S. priceĀ  x current FX (Oct 2014 1.10 for Sounds True only). Go back to the HiPoint item to add in the price if you need to. (Data)

6. Check the website to ensure the pages (Listening Station tab, individual listening station HiPoint item and listing of all 14 items with images) are displaying correctly and the links are working (Data)


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