BookManager Front Lists for Future Months – New Releases

The same What's New or Coming Soon pages - accessed on the homepage left sidebar under New Releases - must also be loaded onto Book Manager lists as New Releases.

Lists are created every month on Book Manager, for the current and all future months.

See Book Manager documentation Catalogues and Lists at for detailed instructions.

BookManager top list refreshing

1. Go to

2. Near the top right, click on the myLists button

3. Click the Create a New List button near to top left

  • Enter name of the new list, e.g, Dempsey - January 2015 New Releases
  • Under Categories, choose Features (not Catalogues)
  • Under Effective Period, choose Month then enter YEAR MONTH
  • From the specific_list excel file you created to update website lists, copy and paste ISBNs into the Titles box
  • Hit Save. Hit OK (do not share yet when the dialogue box comes up)
  • Go to the list you just created and make sure the list looks OK and all the covers and blurbs are there
  • Click Share this list > Share this list with all stores > OK

4. Colour code the list in specific_list that you just put on Book Manager so you know that it's been done.

5. Read this for more details Book Manager Lists


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