Adding Demos to HiPoint

To enter demos into HiPoint one at a time

Use original ISBN + DEMO FOR Item code e.g., 9781234567890DEMO

Music: All single CD music should have a DEMO created, but not multi-CD music.


  • Enter Dirty Title plus DEMO, Author etc. i.e. Dirty title states DEMO
  • subject = DEMO
  • price = .001 except for music which is $4
  • discount= 100%, except for music which is 00%
  • also enter all taxes

Demos - 1st screen

2nd (More) SCREEN

  • Price = 0.001
  • Discount = 99.999%

Note: First and 2nd screens only to be filled in

Demos - screen 2


To enter many demos in HiPoint using Excel

Running the monthly task DEMOs Needed in DataTools may bring up a list of four or more CDs or other samples that will need to have a corresponding DEMO item listing in HiPoint. When this happens, it’s easier to import these HiPoint demos using Excel.

  2. Save as new title in the draft folder
  3. Copy and paste query results into the template
  4. Insert a new column next to the item column (ISBN column, which we’ll call A2)
  5. Type in the new column: A2&”DEMO”. This adds the word DEMO directly after the ISBN
  6. Delete the original item column (A2)
  7. Copy and paste the fields under the appropriate columns on the template
  8. Enter the individual fields as above for individual demo titles

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