Changing Phone Message


The Master phone is extension 20 (currently the Accounting phone).  Global changes must be made from here.

General Outgoing Message (see below for Scripts)

  • MsgKey > Voice Mail
  • Mail Box 0, Password 1111#
  • Greeting > Primary > Record

Turn on System Voice Mail From Ext 20

  • From idle mode, scroll down to System Voice Mail Box
  • Select
  • Exit

IMPORTANT: You MUST turn on the System Voice Mail Box again after changing the message. Test by calling Dempsey and going to voice mail.

How To Set Up Time Before Going to Voice Mail

The time the phone will ring before going to Voice Mail was extended to 15 seconds (015), by Adam.  This may equate to the 4 rings we need before going to VM when the office is up and running.

The time the phone will ring before going to Voice Mail can be changed as follows:

  • Program > System Programming > System
  • Timers > System VM Delay
  • Enter number of seconds for it to ring before going to voice mail. Ten seconds is entered as 010.

Individual Extension Outgoing Message

This can be done from each extension, so that each person can record their own message and the Customer gets the specific voice.  Alternatively, it can be done from Extension 20, selecting each mailbox in turn.

  • MsgKey > Voice Mail
  • Mail Box = Extension of local, Password 1111
  • Greeting > Primary > Record


Christmas/New Year

Hello and welcome to Dempsey Distributing.  Our offices are closed until XXX January x, 20xx.  Do please leave your name and number and we will get back to you then.  Alternatively, send us an email at orders@dempseycanada . com and we will reply next Monday.  We will be shipping from XXX January x.

General Outgoing

Hello and welcome to Dempsey Distributing.  If you have reached this message we are either on the phone with other customers or our office is closed.  To leave a message please press:

  • Customer Service - 25
  • Accounting - 20
  • Barbara Dempsey - 21 - or
  • Data Department - 24

We will get back to you just as soon as possible.  Alternatively please email us at orders@dempseycanada . com or visit our website at

Night Service

The Night Service (weekend service) was turned off at initial install, to reduce the complexity of the system.

Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant was turned off at initial install to reduce the number of Greetings we need to deal with. This is intended for companies that never answer their phones.

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